Jamie Sanders

Jamie sanders contemporary dance IDAHollywood


I do not own this song. Choreography ny chris eric smith. Jamie dancing contemporary in class!

Jamie Sanders talks Curious Incident | 17-18 Season


We sat down with CURIOUS INCIDENT star Jamie Sanders to talk about how he prepared for the intense role of Christopher.

Jamie Sanders Sings:


Peace Like A River - Jamie Style.

- Jamie Sanders - 12/16/18


Rev. Jamie presents the message THE GRADE for our Sunday Service. In what do we think our final grade will ...

Why Do Tourettes Jokes Suck?


Tourettes jokes are everywhere- why are so many of them awful? I revisited the topics from the first video on my channel in hopes ...

- Rev. Jamie Sanders - Sunday, Jan. 27th, 2019


In this Sunday message Rev. Jamie talks about our communication skills as spiritual beings; the things we say, dont say, and the ...

Life as a Youtuber feat. Not A Banana and Jamie Sanders


Hi Hey Howdy (: Special thanks to Not A Banana and Jamie Sanders for joining me in this collab! They are fantastic creators ...

Jamie sanders riding at genk


jamie sanders in duel met glenn rosiers.

Part 1 - w/ Jamie Sanders - 9/9/18


Rev. Jamie gives the first part of a 3 part series - what is the secret to living a happy, ...

- Jamie Sanders (Tourettes) [REUPLOAD]


A reupload of the video from my old deleted channel. originally Posted April 1st, 2013 More about TS: _ ...

A Coal night out with Jamie Sanders


Typical Jamie on a night out... sorry bout the advert on the screen itll go away soon.

I Am w/ Jamie Sanders


Television production student Jamie Sanders discusses is new appreciation for the finesse and artistry of production at Emerson.